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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Swing Clubs

We had heard about a club north of Seattle, New Horizons, that has been around for decades. Since we have family there, we thought we’d visit. In August, we had a family road trip that included a stop in Seattle, so we made sure to time it for the weekend when they were open.

We left the kids with my grandmother telling her not to stay up waiting for us since we’d be out late (she did anyway!). When we arrived at New Horizons, we found a large building that appeared to be a cross between a lodge and a spa. We were escorted to the back lawn where we listened to an orientation about the lifestyle. We were impressed by the care they took to make sure the women were comfortable with being there, and made it OK for them to say “I’m not ready for this yet.” They knew how important it was that people (particularly the women) enjoy themselves, and not feel like they are being forced to doing something they really didn’t want to do.

Next, they provided a tour of the facilities. We fell in love with the place. The grounds were spacious and beautiful, and being located in Seattle, everything was very green. Towering pines surrounding the property (which is used for weddings during the day) and you could see the stars overhead at night (well, at least in the summer!). There was a water feature and little hiding places if you wanted to take a walk on the wild side. Several blow up beds were scattered about the spacious lawns if you wanted to make love under the stars. There was also a yurt for those who wanted to reserve a special room for a private gatherings or sleeping quarters.

Inside, they were preparing a tasty buffet dinner and we sat in their restaurant / nightclub area which was tri-level where all the guests ate together. We enjoyed that opportunity to socialize, getting to know others (which was important for us to consider going the next step) without loud music getting in the way like happens too often in bar settings. Then they had some party activities to further break the ice, recognizing the new people and those celebrating special occasions (anniversary, birthday, etc.). It was nice to get to know a little bit about some of the others there, and exciting to watch friends of those honored line up and one-by-one offer a special “congratulations” in front of the whole crowd. It all made for a very welcoming, friendly environment.

Then they lowered the lights and started a dance with a live band. We danced to a few songs, then moved on toward the locker room to change into sexier attire. We went to the outdoor Jacuzzi where we were able to get better acquainted with six other couples. One couple was particularly nice and we had a lot in common with them (length of marriage, age of kids, etc.). It wouldn’t be the last time we saw them that night.

Next we wrapped towels around us and wandered through the couples play area. One area had a maze of beds and cubby holes, making me feel like a kid again. Since I was still a bit shy and concerned about keeping control over my environment (I didn’t want someone uninvited to join in with us—it was important for me to get to know someone before being comfortable with them touching or kissing me…or more), I found a little cubby hole just big enough for the two of us. The environment was erotic, and knowing that other couples were walking past and peaking in as they walked by, and others were just feet from us—above us, to the side of us—and hearing their happy sounds as they had orgasms, made for a very hot time with my husband. In addition to the sexy ambiance, my husband and I had been on the road for two weeks with kids, so we hadn’t had good sex (sex while standing in the shower was rather limiting) for quite some time. So the moment was extra special! And it was so nice to be in an environment where you could completely let loose and express yourself vocally, unlike being at home with the kids just down the hall.

When we had finished playing, we continued meandering through the play area watching the other sexy couples play as we walked by. We walked into the orgy room and marveled at the brave souls who felt free enough to play in a group setting with several couples and other couples watching them. That seemed so advanced to me and I just couldn’t imagine doing that. We went back to get some desert, and then stopped by the Olympic sized pool. Of course, everywhere you went, there were other sexy couples to check out and then talk with your partner about whether they would like to hook up with them. Next, we explored the outdoors (now that it was dark). We made out near the fountain and gazed up at the stars.

Eventually we made our way back to the couples play area, and when we stopped by the orgy room again, the couple we connected with earlier in the Jacuzzi approached us. “We’re in the next room, would you like to join us?” My husband looked at me for my response (he’s always interested!) and, in a bit of a panic, I quickly reacted “why don’t we go over to that top bunk bed over there,” as I pointed nearby. So we went up to this tiny bed in a safe place with little head room before hitting the ceiling. Certainly no one else would be able to join us there!

Both of us ladies laid down, our arms & legs touching since it was tight quarters. The guys climbed on top, starting first with some kisses and then moving quickly to giving us oral sex. It seemed somewhat like a team sport—synchronized fucking or something like that. It was neat to feel her and hear her respond to my husband as I received pleasure from hers. Receiving oral for the 2nd time from someone who wasn’t my husband was electrifying—a mixture of the excitement of getting away with doing something that most people considered wrong (and enjoying it immensely) as well as the thrill of being with someone new for the first time. Soon, I was in another world, lost in my passion. Almost as if on cue, the guys moved into position for sex. This was the first time in 20 years I would have a different penis in my pussy, which was amazing…incredibly exciting! The thought of what we were doing was almost as exciting as the actual pleasure from the act itself. After about a half hour of exploring and stimulating each other’s bodies, we rested in each other’s arms and visited some more, and then went back downstairs to get something to eat after our workout. We exchanged contact information. They had a website that tracked lifestyle activities in the area, and had put together some information for first timers or newbies that was very helpful.

We left that night having a memorable evening. We talked about everything that happened. My husband was glad that I finally went all the way, but questioned my choice of play areas. His play partner especially liked getting fucked from behind, but the headroom was so small it didn’t allow him to kneel in a position to do so. We loved the club and looked forward to returning someday soon, and we looked forward to even more exciting opportunities in the future!

After we returned home from our trip, we went to some local clubs in the LA area. Since I was still a bit insecure, I’d tell my husband “no” when he’d suggest we go meet another couple. I guess I thought things might move faster than I could control so I was a bit nervous. At one club in downtown LA (
LACouples), I would lead my husband to a cubby hole that overlooked two small play areas, and I’d unscrew the light bulb so no one could watch us. At another club near our home, I would only play with my husband the first few times we went. I loved dressing up sexy, dancing, and making love to my husband while we watched others play (known as soft swinging). But my husband was anxious to deepen our involvement.


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  • At 1:04 PM, Blogger Cigamybab said…

    La Couples Rocks

  • At 12:22 PM, Blogger deb said…

    I was raised a Lutheran, was a virgin when I graduated from college. Loved your awakening.

  • At 12:24 PM, Blogger deb said…

    I meant high school LOL

  • At 4:19 PM, Blogger NightOfPassion2 said…

    I am where your husband was....getting ready to try an awaken my conservative wife. She can be somewhat of an exhibitionist (semi public). But I hope to change that. We are going to a swingers dance. I will be informing her about it more during the couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to males flirting with her (shes VERY social...almost flirty).

    I'm getting as much advice as I can from women.

    Wish me luck....

    B. (les_brian2000@yahoo)

  • At 9:12 AM, Blogger Penedictor said…

    Que pena que el blog lo hayas abandonado, hubiera estado bien leer (claro que tampoco me habría enterado en inglés, como tu tampoco entenderás mi comentario).

    Un saludo,


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